Sometimes I look back at old photos in disbelief. I don’t even recognise myself. How on earth I passed then I will never know.

October 2012, the start of my first year of uni, 5 months on T vs September 2014, about to start my final year, 2 years and 4 months on T.

I love the man I am today.

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kurtcomesaveus1994 said: hey man just seen your post op pics on my dash just wanted to ask if you had to pay for it yourself or did the nhs? as im looking surgery similar to yours

NHS :)

outoutbriefcandle said: Well past that now, Charing cross canceled my appointment then rearranged it for 9 months after. I'm aware of having to run everything past them but when they take 3 months to send off a referral (with contrast pressure) they literally don't respond when I address anything about dosage. I just feel sorry for guys waiting for hrt with them.

If you feel your care is not being handled well, which it obviously isn’t you can contact the Trust Complaints Manager – they deal with formal complaints.
Tel: 020 8354 8174
Email: complaints@wlmht.nhs.uk
Address: Trust Complaints Manager
Trust Headquarters
1 Armstrong Way
N.B: This goes for anyone who has had poor treatment or correspondence with CHX GIC. I know a lot of guys have, so don’t be shy to contact the above. If enough people complain something might actually be done about it.

outoutbriefcandle said: Thankyou for replying. But that's easier said than done when you try and get Charing cross to get back to you at all let alone asking about levels. I really do appreciate it

No problem. I know, they’re awful and their admin is atrocious but they still need to know your levels as part of your treatment with them, GP’s aren’t supposed to alter your T dosage without approval from CHX because they’re not qualified to do so.

outoutbriefcandle said: Hey ed, quick question for you. I just changed gp and they have no idea about anything to do with testosterone levels or anything. Can you remember what your gp told you about what the normal level range should be? I think (from research) it should be between 17-40 but I can't remember. Getting my levels checked this month and would be amazing if you could let me know. I will obviously chaae up my gp about looking it up but if you can recall what you've been told that be amazing. Cheers Sam x

Nebido and gels levels; between 15 – 20
Monthly injectables; trough 8 -12 and peak 25 – 30

My GP doesn’t actually deal with blood levels, I collect my results from them and forward them on to my GIC, where the endocrinologist reviews them and gets back to me on dosage etc. GP’s aren’t actually specialists when it comes to hormones so it should really be dealt with by a GIC endo.

youlittlesloth said: Hi I'm a stupid cis straight girl but I'd just like to congratulate you on your hormone therapy and your journey. I really admire everyone that has to go through it.

Thank you :)

7hurs7e said: Hey, just wanted to say thanks for reviewing the peecock. Yours is one of the more comprehensive reviews I've read and it helped answer many of the questions I had about it. I may be wrong (I can never figure Tumblr out sometimes) but it looks like you've possibly had it a while now. Is your good opinion still standing? As you mentioned, it's pricey, and I just want to sure before I throw down $170+. I've had packers I thought were great only to die on me a couple of months in haha

No problem :) Glad it was useful!

Yeah I’ve had it about a year and a half now, it is still good, and I would still recommend it. It has a bit of wear and tear, but nothing that ruins the overall quality or handling of it. Considering it’s been in constant 24/7 use for the majority of the time I’ve had it I think it’s held up really well.

Anonymous said: I just saw the pics of your chest... holy crap, you look fantastic! You don't even have any scars!! Congrats, man! You look great!

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said: Do you think one could have intercourse by use of a sounding device, if no implant is present? Of course, the sounding device would have to have a ball or whatnot at the end to prevent it going further in. But It's an idea. Do you think FTM's could use sounding devices at all? Since the urethea must be different to Bio-guy's?

No, I think that would be both painful for you, and also dangerous for your partner. As for being able to use one, honestly I am unsure. But yes the urethra would be different.

If you don’t have an implant you could buy a penis sleeve, which slips over the top of your penis which would enable you to have penetrative sex. There’s also another product which I can’t find atm, very similar to a penis sleeve which ‘enables’ an erection.

Anonymous said: Hey that's fantastic about your surgery! Btw, do you know whether the implant can be decided on after the main surgery has been done? I'm def interested in phallo, but not sure about the implant yet.

Thanks!  It’s something you would have to discuss with your surgeons, but it’s likely yes. I do know of some guys who have had the first stage done and are still deciding which implant they would like the most. However you would have to make up your mind before they insert the testicle implants.