Anonymous asked: If you and your GF were to get married and start a family, would you want to adopt or somehow do it biologically? I ask because my gf and I want children, and she has an older brother who we would like to donate sperm to me so I would carry the child so it could be both biologically related to she and I. Do you think that's.. Idk a weird way to do it? We haven't even discussed it with him out of fear of his rejection.

We have discussed it, and our preferred option is artificial insemination with an anonymous sperm donor who best fits my description. In our view we are just like any other couple who are unable to conceive naturally, and artificial insemination is a simpler process, more ‘natural’, and also cheaper than IVF.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you, yes I do think that would be weird. Be aware that even though that child would be related to your girlfriend, their DNA relation would be aunt and niece/nephew, not mother and daughter/son. It would raise a few issues, for instance if the biological father wanted a place in the child’s life as a parental guardian, and the issue you raise; saying no/rejection etc, remember it’s not a decision that can be made lightly. Let alone the views of other family members when they learn of the conception.

If you’re willing to carry a child, think about using your girlfriends eggs, fertilized with donor sperm (not from her brother), and you carrying said embryo. That would mean her DNA, but you would have the bond of carrying it, giving it life and birthing it.

There are many many options on having children, it’s worth sitting down and properly thinking it all through, look at the options and think about what would be best, not only for you and your partner, but also for the future child.

Anonymous asked: About packers, where do you place it? Im confused where its meant to go in my pants like lower down or higher up? I don't want it looking strange! Thanks

It sort of sits at the base of the pubis bone, so the balls hang. Placement of the penis is entirely up to you (some go down the leg, some directly infront etc)

Anonymous asked: I think sexual sensation/orgasms is probably my lowest priority for phallo, allieviating dysphoria and finally having a penis being much more important, and other guys I know feel the same. Js.

Each to their own. I know a lot of people who wish to maintain sexual sensation and the London team for phallo know it’s a high priority and have many options to suit this. Of course it’s about alleviating dysphoria, but once the dysphoria has diminished, you’re going to want the other aspects that come with a normal functioning penis.

Anonymous asked: What is the meta exactly ?

Metoidioplasty, is a technique of creating a functional phallus for transmen using the clitoris. Whilst on testosterone this part of the body grows and typically looks like a very small penis. (Growth can be anything up to around 2/3 inches). This technique of surgery is a lot less invasive, and is popular amongst those who wish to maintain as much sensation as possible, achieve natural erections and keep ‘foreskin’. This technique also offers more ‘realistic’ scrotum as erectile implants are not necessary.

For more info see here, here and here. NSFW.

Anonymous asked: Do you ever worry about orgasms not being as good or even not orgasming at all after the phallo?

Of course I do, I think sexual feeling is one of the biggest concerns to all men when considering phallo/meta.

robbed-in-la asked: For the Cali based anon who was asking about the pcock. I received mine in 8days with no special shipping (LA county). Once it got to LAX I received step by step emails threw usps but I registered to do so online.

I received a letter from St Peters hospital yesterday, I have a consultation on the 28th May regarding phalloplasty!! I didn’t even know CX had sent off my referral already as they usually take an age to type everything up/send it.

For those wondering about times, I had my surgery review at CX on the 28th Feb, and received a letter from the London phallo team on the 2nd April. I didn’t have to have 2 reviews at CX even though it’s required, but both of my clinicians there gave the go ahead seeing as I’d been a patient there for a while, and had a very ‘clean slate’ as it were. They knew I was more then eligible for this surgery, which is great news for me!

I’m still going to request delaying the surgeries until 2015 however, due to university, graduating and living stealth. It would be too much to go through when I’m trying to complete my final year. But it’s still something I want nonetheless.

Anonymous asked: Do you live in the US? If so, where ? And How long did it take you for you to receive your Gen 2 5.5' Peecock packer in the mail ? I just ordered mine and im very anxious ! i live in CA

No, I live in the UK sorry!

whatchyaupto asked: Hey man, just saw your latest video. I've been thinking over and over which bottom surgery to go with. Not sure if you've said this anywhere but what's listed on your pros and cons list of phallo over meta? The strong con for me would be the scars...


I haven’t made a post over it as I’ve always been set on phallo. But for me personally these would be the pros and cons:

Meta pros:
- Natural erections
- Foreskin
- Less invasive/less scaring
- Testicular implants can look a little more natural (as no need for a pump for erectile implant so a scrotum can be formed)
- Sensation
- Ability to orgasm

Meta cons:
- May be unable to stp (in some cases the result is still too small)
- May be too small for intercourse
- Not as aesthetically pleasing
- May still feel self concious/dysphoric
- May still need/feel the need to pack

Phallo pros:
- Having an ‘average size’ penis
- Being able to stp
- Being able to have intercourse
- Looking more like a cis male (and generally more aesthetically pleasing)
- Sensation
- Ability to orgasm

Phallo cons:
- Scarring
- Inability to achieve natural erections
- Erectile implant needs to be replaced after around 10 years (depending which device is used)
- No foreskin

For me the most important thing is aesthetics and practicalities. I want to be able to pee at a urinal, have penetrative sex and look as much like a cis male as possible. I know some cis men have micro penises, but for me that would cause just as much dysphoria as now, as it would effectively be exactly the same just with balls. The cons of phallo are far better than the cons of meta to me.

Anonymous asked: Wow, doesnt it ever slip around or fall down your leg!? I would love to do this as i hate the thought of wearing a harness but dont know if i could be confident, even running etc with it freely in there.

Nope, I’ve been packing for about 3 and a half years now and I’ve never had an incident. Occasionally have to readjust, but doesn’t every man :P